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Virtual Challenge
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BeeStorm Sports
Anywhere At Runners Convenience
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  • - (A) MEN OPEN Male 55 KM
  • - (B) WOMEN OPEN Female 55 KM

Fashion overs quickly, STYLE IS FOREVER... 


1. Participants who opt for the Stylo Run, you will have 30 days to complete the challenge from the date you register.

2. Participants must complete the run and required to email proof of run photo to with subject STYLO RUN. Photo must contain proof of completed running distance.

3. Participants are encouraged to post photos onto their Instagram or Facebook accounts with the following hashtags: #beestormvirtual & #stylo55KMrun. Photo of participant is not required but it would be awesome if you could upload your pictures and tell us about your experience on our Facebook page.

4. Proof may be in the form of phone screenshots of your preferred running apps or photo of your wearable devices or treadmill screen that clearly shows the record. 

5. Finisher medal and finisher tee will be delivered to participants on a weekly basis after we have received the email proof of race completion.

6. Delivery of entitlements will be made directly to registered mailing address which is provided by participant during registration. Please provide accurate mailing address. Any additional cost incurred due to return of parcel from POS or failure to deliver will be borne by the participant.

7. No self-collection is allowed. All participants are advised to wait for finisher medals to be delivered to them.

Organized by BeeStorm Sports

Medal by BeeStorm Medal Maniac

Apparel by Ultron

1. Stylo Run Finisher Medal

2. Stylo Run E-BIB

3. Stylo Run E-Cert

4. Stylo Finisher Shirt

Registration Closed